10 Tips for an Easy Move

Tips to move house
Tips to move house
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We all know that unless you are a minimalist, moving homes is an extremely daunting task and you can be easily overwhelmed. But, if you stay organised and make a plan then you can go through this process unscathed and can enjoy your new home.

I am moving my home these days and I can tell you that staying organised is the key to an ultimate success. Here, I have brought few tips and tricks for you to make moving home easier.

Make a Plan

It is imperative for you to make plan like from where (which room) you will start packing? How many boxes and suitcases you will need? When is your moving day? Hoe much will your movers cost? Do you need packing material? How long will it take you to pack everything?

These are some of the questions that must be answered before you start packing. It will make your life a lot easier otherwise you will be running around if you try to figure everything as you go. So, please make sure that you have the plan and packing material ready before you start moving home.

Order Stuff for New Home

We all know that sometimes, we need to buy new stuff before you move home. So, If that stuff is one of the necessary items then make sure to order them before hand. So that you don’t have to wait long for the delivery after you move home.

For example, I am moving from my parents home to a 1 Bed Flat. So, except for clothes, books and shoes. I am not taking anything with me. Since the new flat is unfurnished. So, I need basically everything from furniture to electronics. Therefore, I planned ahead and ordered electronics and bed online before hand. As a result, the washing machine, fridge, stove, oven and bed will be installed before my final moving day. On the moving day I will just take my stuff and go there to start a life in new home.

Take the opportunity to Purge

Moving homes is one of the best opportunity to purge your belongings. Trust me, that top that you wore years ago in college is not worth keeping anymore. keep pictures for your memories not the actually clothes or stuff. I know it is really hard to do for some of you. But trust me, once it is gone from your possessions, you won’t even remember it. So please do yourself a favour and throw all of the old clothes, shoes, ornaments or even books. Give yourself and your new home some space to breath. I myself have thrown out 7 whole bags full of old stuff during this move and Now I feel ecstatic.

Pack Everything separately

Make sure that you have separate boxes or suitcases labelled for each kind of stuff. For example, I know that which suitcase has my daily routine clothes? Which suitcase has work clothes? Which box has shoes? and Which box has what kind of books? Separating stuff at the packing stage makes it easier for you to unpack and you don’t have to sort everything while packing.

For example, I know which box has my office desk supplies. When it’s time for me to unpack I will know which box to open. Organisation can making moving homes extremely hassle free.

Label Each box

Make sure that you label and number every box and suitcase. Labelling is to make your life easier while unpacking. But numbering the boxes will make sure that no box can get lost. Count the boxes before putting in the truck. When you unload everything then count them again to make sure that the numbers are same. I can assure you that no box will get lost if you number them properly.

Hire the Movers

You can either ask your friends or family members or hire a movers to move home. It is really your preference. If you have heavy furniture to move, then it is imperative that you hire movers as they will dismantle the furniture, move it and then assemble it in your new property as well and you will not have  to work hard for it.

But, if you don’t have furniture to move, then friends and family is good option. At the end of the day you can order takeout and have dinner with them as well.

Parking and make nice with neighbours

Figuring out where to park on the moving day is very important. You need to know that where can you park near your new property. If you need to inform your neighbours then do so.  This will give you a chance to make nice with neighbours. Also, that will give you a chance to request them to receive any deliveries on your behalf before the moving day.

For example, I had a chat with my neighbour the day I signed the contract. Naturally, soon I had one of the drawers delivery at the flat. I requested her and since we already knew each other. She was more than happy to receive my delivery.

Treat your movers

My dear friend, you will be so tired to cook for yourself or anyone else on the moving day. So trust this guru and order take outs for you and your family members for both lunch and dinner. It will make your life extremely easy and you will be able to enjoy a much relaxed meal with your loved ones.

One more thing, that if you hire movers, make sure that you have some drinks available for them. As they get easily tired and need to stay hydrated through the moving process.

Food to move!

If you are taking food items with you then make sure that you pack them carefully in containers to avoid any spills. Pack the refrigerated items an hour before to avoid any spoilage of food.

groceries for new home

If you are like me who is not talking any food and has to order food and cleaning supplies for new home. Make sure that you do not order it before hand. Once you have moved, then you can order online to be delivered next day.

I also have everything that I will need added in my Tesco Basket and will place order online on the moving day for next day delivery. This way I will be ready to receive and put away the groceries.

All in all, these are the few tips and tricks that can help you and make your move easy.

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