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My Daily Skin Care Routine!

My daily skin Care routine!
My daily skin Care routine!
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Everyone has different skin so there skin care routine must be different as well. You just have to try and figure out which products suits you best and gives you best result. I can only share my experience and give you advice on which products are best to use. There are 3 body moisturisers that I love to use in my daily routine and I really think that you can benefit from these as well.

What is a good skin care routine?

Following are basic steps that you should follow for a good skin care routine:


You need to use a good quality face cleanser to remove all the dirt from your skin so that the products you use in next steps will have full affect. I usually use various cleanser daily depending on my mood but you can stick to the one you like. Mostly I use Garnier Cleansing Milk to ensure that my skin is neat and clean.


The second step, I suggest is to use a good quality face scrub. I use Loreal Paris Smooth Sugar Face and Lip Scrub in my daily skin routine. It comes in two flavours one is grape seed and the other is Kiwi. I use it to scrub both my face and Lips for good 10 minutes. Don’t even think about cutting your scrub time! These 10 minutes scrub will ensure that all the dead skin is removed and your pores are wide open. Rinse your skin well with Luke warm water.

Face Mask

The next step is to apply Face Mask. You can use any kind of mask that you like, but personally I like sheet masks as they are easy to put on. I have been using various masks but these days, I like using Garnier Fruit Sheet Mask. It is important to follow the instructions on the pack and not leave the mask on more than the recommended time. Otherwise, your skin might start to burn and become red. After the time is up, remove the sheet mask and massage the remaining product on your skin until it is absorbed completely. It is important to give your self good face massage at this stage.

Eye Mask

Make sure that you use Eye masks in daily routine as well. Just like our skin our eyes also work very hard daily and can become puffy and tired. So it is important to use eye mask to de-puff them and keep them hydrated. For this, I use Garnier Eye masks and 111 skin eye masks. Take good care of your eyes as it will reduce the darkness on our eye Lids and helps you relax as well.

Face Oil

After masks, I use Face oil to make my skin glow and radiant. Again, I use various face oils depending on my mood. But these day, I use Garnier Organic Lavandin Smooth and Glow Facial Oil. You can use any facial oil that you like.

Lip Balm or Lip mask

Another important part of our face is our lips which needs as much attention as rest of our face. You can either use lips mask or lip balm to ensure that your lips stay hydrated and moisturised after the scrub. I am in love with these Channel Lip balms. I usually apply them after the face oil. This balm works wonders overnight and my lips stay hydrated and plump throughout the day.

I hope that you give this skin routine a try and like the results. If you do then don’t forget to tag me on Instagram: muntahasaleem58

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