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Versace Bright Crystal Review

Versace Bright Crystal Review
Versace Bright Crystal Review
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One of my favourite perfumes is Versace Bright Crystal. I bought this perfume some time ago and is addicted to it now. I keep buying it again and again just because of it’s sheer sensuality and luminous brightness.


Versace Bright Crystal
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Versace Bright Crystal is a fresh, vibrant and floral fragrance. The top notes of this scent are Yuzu, Ice Accord and Pomegranate. While the Heart notes are Peony, Magnolia and Lotus Flower. The Base notes include Acajou, Plant Amber and Musk. This scent was launched in 2006.

I love the delicate taste and scent of colourful and juicy pomegranate grains and lotus flowers. The hint of musk and acajou is also delicate and impressive. Overall this perfume represents a woman who is a hybrid of strength and confidence. If you want to look and feel glamorous then you must try this perfume.

For me, it is very hard to stick to one perfume for a very long time manly because I get bored easily. It is a miracle that I love and adore this scent for such a long time. Overall, It is not in my top three favourite perfumes of 2020 but still it has retained its position in my favourite list.

I suggest to use this fragrance, when you are going to any party or wedding. Too bad these are not happening right now because of Lockdown. I miss going out and having fun. Anyway, this scent is good for any occasion and is a good conversation starter as well.

I have decided to review one perfume per month. So keep an eye out for the upcoming review. Also, if you want me to review a particular perfume then leave a comment. I will look into it. Also, kindly make sure to follow and share the post as well.

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