3 Summer Styles Every woman must Try!

3 Summer Styles Every Woman Must Try!

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Summer is right around the corner, All the brands are launching their summer collections these days. Mostly I choose quality over brand names. But still there are few brands that I prefer while buying. Today I am here to share 3 summer styles for ladies that I think every woman should try.

Maxi Dress

Maxi for summer
Maxi for summer

I love wearing maxi in the Sizzling heat of summer. If you really want to make a statement then wear a maxi. You can wear any solid colour maxi or even better go for a stunning print maxi. They come in various colours and lengths. Some even have slits in them to elevate the effect of a Drama.

One more thing when you wear maxi please don’t forget to do the TWIRL and uploading it on your social media. Honestly, I wear it only for the Twirl. I don’t always upload it on social media. But it’s fun to twirl in Maxi.

So Ladies get ready for the upcoming scorching heat with your Maxis and dont forget to Twirl.

Skirt n Shirt

skirt and shirt
skirt and shirt

Another of my favourite go-to styles for summer is Skirt Shirt. If you want to look cool and smart at the same time then you should wear a skirt and shirt. You can wear them on any occasion and can look gorgeous. Personally, I think that its one of the best attires for women to lead an active and smart lifestyle.

Dark colour skirts with light colour shirts are the best option. Usually, I like to wear printed skirts with a white or blacktop.  But you can choose any colour skirt and then play around to see what colour top looks best.

Those who like modesty like me can wear tights or leggings with a skirt as well. I usually wear black or white leggings with my skirt. Due to the heat in summer I prefer to buy light material leggings.

If you don’t like maxi then choose a skirt and shirt but don’t forget to twirl! It may not be as glamourous as a maxi but still, skirts twirl is also good.

Plazo with Top

plazo with top
plazo with top

Last but not least is Plazo with a top, which is best for a casual look. I love wearing it in summer mainly because it makes me look gorgeous. I prefer to wear heels with my Plazo as it’s easier to walk. Some people prefer very long plazo, I like ankle length Plazo. They come in various colours and patterns. I prefer plain colour Plazo with some fancy lace tops. Trust me this combo works really well.  I strongly urge you to try this combo in summer 2021. If you try any of these styles this summer don’t forget to tag me on Instagram: Fashionistabee


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