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Use Foot Socks to moisturise your feet during Lockdown

how to use Super Drug Foot socks
how to use Super Drug Foot socks
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Most of the ladies go to SPA for regular pedicures. Due to the lockdown, this is not possible anymore and we really need to take better care of our feet ourselves. Therefore, I am sharing my secret routine for “pedicure” at home with you. It usually takes between 30-40 min to ensure that your feet are moisturised and soft. It includes Foot Mask with Foot Socks. Kindly follow these steps and leave a comment below to let me know if it worked for you or not:


Kindly wash your feet properly with any type of body wash and Luke warm water.


Use any kind of good foot scrub on your feet for 5-6 min. This will ensure that all the dirt is removed from your feet and the pores are open. Make sure to use the foot filer to remove dead skin from your heels. Wash with Luke warm water. After scrub, file and shape your nails.

Foot Socks

Then comes the star of this pedicure show at home: Foot socks. These are a brilliant way of keeping your feet hydrated and moisturised for a long time. There are various brands out there for foot socks like: Avon, Superdrug and Boots etc. I try to use different foot sock every time, as for some reason, I don’t like to use same product every time. But mostly I use Superdrug foot socks. As I find that these moisturise your feet for a very long time. Especially, if you do a scrub before applying them.

Superdrug has various kinds of foot masks in their range which are:

  1. Superdrug Marula Nourishing Foot Mask with Foot Socks
  2. Superdrug Hemp Seed Oil Pampering Foot Mask with Foot Socks
  3. Superdrug Coconut Oil Pampering Foot Mask with Foot Socks
  4. Superdrug Charcoal Foot Mask with Foot Socks
  5. Superdrug Tea tree and Peppermint Foot Mask with Foot Socks
  6. Superdrug Honey & Almond Foot Mask with Foot Socks

I have tried all of them at different occasions. The one I like most is Honey and Almond Foot mask. I just love the long lasting smell of this foot sock. These socks are best way to soothe and soften dry, rough and cracked heels.

how to use Super Drug Foot socks

how to use Super Drug Foot socks

Usually, I include this pedicure in my night time routine. Then I wear these before going to bed and remove them after 20 minutes. Then I sleep and let my feet dry naturally.  I do this at-least once a week.

Also, make sure that you let the cream dry naturally. I know it takes time but still to get better results, it is imperative that the cream dries naturally. Thats the only reason, I wear them going before bed. If I wear them during the day, then I would have to sit idle for a long time to let the cream dry naturally. Personally I cant afford to sit idle for a long time during the day as I am always busy and working.

how to use Super Drug Foot socks

how to use Super Drug Foot socks

I suggest that you give this foot pedicure routine give a try during lockdown. Trust me it is the best way to give your feet a treat especially when you cant go to Spa. If you give them a try kindly leave a comment so that everyone can benefit from your experience.

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